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JaSIM (JAva situated SIMulation Platform) is a multiagent environment model dedicated to multiagent-based simulation in 1D, 2D, and 3D virtual environments. JaSIM is an innovative simulation platform for implementation and deployment of urban simulations by the multi-agent group of the Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports(fr). It follows a microscopic simulation approach and it is mainly designed for traffic and crowd simulations.

JaSIM platform is designed as an extension of Janus - or TinyMAS - combining organizational agent-oriented approach of Janus with object-oriented structure of JaSIM simulation model.

JaSIM tries to gather experiences collected on environment design coming from both multiagent and computer graphics domains. It thus integrates a full set of efficient hierarchical and graph-based data structures for supporting actions and perceptions of numerous autonomous entities. These structures are designed to assemble geometrical, topological and semantical data in single model integrating all information required to manage realistic behaviors of pedestrians and vehicle drivers. JaSIM is designed to fully respect the key principles that govern multiagent-based simulation such as environmental integrity constraint, agent autonomy, and the clear distinction between agent’s mind and body. It also provides a collection of well-known design-patterns for an easy and reusable implementation of traffic and crowd simulation. JaSIM supports simulations in 1D, 2D or 3D environments.

Let take 3D environment simulation for example. It is not always required, in most of cases simpler environmental structures may be used. However many applications require a maximal level of accuracy and the use of a true 3D environment, mainly to enable agent 3D perception. Allowing agents to perceive their world in 3D enables the simulation of complex real situations like smoky environments, testing the visibility of security features like emergency exit... Physics simulation also requires a complete 3D simulated world to enable the computation of precise physics laws, i.e. "sub-microscopic simulation."

JaSIM provides embedded 2D viewers and an extension to Live3D Viewer and Unity3D. The simulation engine model of JaSIM has also inspirated whose of the VIVUS.


  • Independent of the viewing technology.
  • Designed to support large-scale simulations.
  • 1D continuous environment model: based on graph and spline; may be imported from GIS.
  • 2D continuous environment model.
  • 3D continuous environment model.
  • Entities are agents (running of Janus or TinyMAS).
  • Entities have local perceptions.
  • Entities may act on the environment via Influences.
  • Environment model includes endogenous laws (physics laws...).
  • Entities' ontlogy.

Demo Video

The following video illustrates the JaSIM model intregrated in the product Voxelia Simulate©.

More informations

To obtain more informations about JaSIM, please contact:


JaSIM is distributed under a proprietary license, non-free.


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