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Short Bio

Stéphane Galland obtains academic degrees in the Computer Science: bachelor (1996-1997) and research master (1998) at the Franche-Comté University (France). Stéphane Galland supports a PhD thesis in 2001 at the [ High National School of Mines of Saint-Etienne (France). He proposed a methodological approach for the design and the implementation of agent-based simulation of distributed industrial systems. In 2002, he integrates the Computer Science department of the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (France), and the Systems and Transport Laboratory, where he continues his research tasks on the topic of agent-based modeling and simulation of complex systems (cities, highway networks, crowd...) with a large scale and a multiview points of view, and applied to virtual reality environment. In 2004 and 2005, Stéphane Galland is responsible of the courses of the doctoral school SPIM for his University. From 2007 to 2008, he is responsible of the courses of the speciality "Image, Interaction and Virtual Reality" of the Computer Science department. In 2013, Stéphane Galland obtains an accreditation to supervise Research (French “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches”) from the Franche-Comté University (France). The title is of his dissertation is "Methodology and tools for the multiagent simulation in virtual worlds." Stéphane Galland is one of the contributors to the [http :// ASPECS methodoloy and its CRIO metamodel], to the SARL agent-programming langage, and to the Janus agent platform. Since 2016, Stéphane Galland is the French Head of the ARFITEC exchange programme named "Energy, Transport, Industry, Challenges for Tomorrow." In September 2016, Stéphane Galland integrates the Electronic, Computer Science and Image Laboratory (LE2I) as one of the responsibles and contact points of the Research axis on "Intelligent Environments." He has published papers in high ranked journals and conferences. He has also organized international conferences and workshops on agent models and their applications.

Research Interests

My research topics are:

  • Multiagent Systems
  • Agent-based Simulation
  • Janus multi-agent Platform
  • ASPECS Agent-based methodology
  • Holonic systems
  • Virtual life simulation
  • 3D and Virtual reality
  • Multilevel simulation
  • Urban simulation
  • Transport system simulation

Open Source Contributions

I'm author or contributor in the following open source projects:

  • SARL: agent-oriented programming language.
  • Janus: holonic and organizational multiagent platform.
  • JaSIM: 3D simulation environment.
  • Arakhnê.org: my open source software and libraries.
  • Eclipse Xtext: language development framework for the Eclipse IDE.
  • Hazelcast: open-source in-memory data grid.
  • Checkstyle: open-source checker for source code style.
  • Sublime Text LaTeX Tools: LaTeX tools for the Sublime TeXt editor.
  • Nuxeo Drive: desktop drive for the Nuxeo file sharing service.

Institutional and Industrial Projects

I'm involved in the following institutional and industrial projects:

  • ANR CITiES: Calibration and valIdation of Transport – land-usE modelS
  • SARTRE: Data collection and analysis of Optymo Public Transport Systems
  • CRISTAL: Platooning of Intelligent Vehicles of the Futur
  • MetroB: Evaluation and Simulation of Public Transport Systems

Major Conference Leading and Hosting

I'm hosting the following conferences at my University:

I'm program chair of the following events:

I'm workshops chair of the following events:

Other Links

  • ASPECS: Agent-Oriented Software Process for Engineering Complex Systems
  • FIPA-DPDF-WG: FIPA Standardization activity on methodologies: Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation Working Group.

Student Supervision and Evaluation

Director of PhD Theses

I'm or I was the Main Director of the following PhD students during their respective PhD thesis:

2016-2019Thomas PIOTROWSKI
Model-driven multiagent approach for the simulation in mixed reality universe. Application to prototyping and validation of embedded algorithms in ground vehicles..
2016-2019Zhao HUI
Large-scale Activity-based and Agent-based Co-simulation of Traffic.
2016-2019Samar EL-AMINE
Behavioral Challenges for Planning Sustainable Urban Mobility in Qatar - Agent-based Modeling and Comparative Analysis between Qatar and France - Défis comportementaux au Qatar - Modélisation multi-agents pour pour la planification durable de la mobilité urbaine et analyse comparativee entre le Qatar et la France.
2015-2018Olivier LAMOTTE
Approches et outils de génération d'univers 3D pour la modélisation et la simulation de systèmes de transport terrestre - Modeling Approach and 3D World Generation Tools for the Simulation of Land Transport System.
2015-2018Igor TCHAPPI HAMAN
Multiresolution, Multilevel and Agent-based Modeling of a Large-Scale Traffic.

Co-supervisor of PhD Theses

I'm or I was co-supervisor of the following PhD students during their respective PhD thesis:

2016-2019Mariem FEKIH
Comprendre la ville comme un système complexe - Understood the City as a Complex System.
2010-2014Jocelyn BUISSON
Un modèle d'environnement pour la simulation multiagent de déplacement en milieu urbain - Microscopic simulation model of heterogenous entities and of the 3D urban environment.
2010-2013Florian BEHE
Modèle de comportement d'agents et d'environnement informé pour la simulation microscopique 3D dans des bâtiments - Agent behaviour model and informed environment model for microscopic simulation of buildings in 3D.
2009-2012Jonathan DEMANGE
Un modèle d'environnement pour la simulation multiniveau : application à la simulation de foules - A model of environment for the multilevel simulation: application to the simulation of crowds.
2004-2007Nicolas GAUD
Systèmes multiagents holoniques : De l'analyse à l'implantation. Métamodèle, Méthodologie et Simulation multiniveau - Holonic Multi-Agent Systems: From the analysis to the implementation. Metamodel, Methodology and Multilevel simulation.

Referee and reviewer for PhD Theses

I was PhD thesis referee/reviewer for:

2017-01-18Ferdinand Piette
Intergiciel Agent pour le Déploiement et la Configuration d’Applications Distribuées dans des Environnements Ambiants.
2016-05-18Leye Wang
Facilitating Mobile Crowdsensing from both Organizers' and Participants' Perspectives.
2015-11-30Lita Sari Barus
Contribution to the Intercity Modal Choice considering the Intracity Transport Systems: Application of an Adapted Mixed Multinomial Logit Model for the Jakarta-Bandung Corridor.
2015-02-19Marco Lützenberger
Cause and Effect - An Agent-based Approach to Simulate Strategic Level Driver Behavior.
2015-01-22Haoyi Xiong
Quasi-Optimal Mobile Crowdsensing: Cadre de conception et algorithmes.

Research Master Degree

I have supervised the following Master students:

2017Andre Matsushita
Study of the models and software for the drone simulation in the context of urban cities..
2015Simon PAGEAUD
Distributed Interaction Spaces for collaborative and contextualized learning situations.
Analysis, design and implementation of advanced 3D models for pedagogical study cases.
2011Charles GAUMET
Native Compilation of the Multiagent Platform JaSIM.
2010Arnaud GROSJEAN
Toward the edition of scenarios for 3D or virtual reality agent-based simulations.
2010Florian BEHE
Comparison and verification of pedestrian behaviours.
2010Jocelyn BUISSON
GPU-based rendering engine and lightning algorithms.
2010Jérémie JOST
Design of software componants for 3D simulation.
2006Nikodem JURA
Attribute Edition Improvement in MetroB Application.
2006-2007Thomas MONNIN
Urban simulation in virtual reality - holonic simulation of vehicles and pedestrians.
2006Mohamed A. AJOUAD
Bus Scheduling in Metro-B Simulator.
2004Nicolas GAUD
Environment model and visual perception model for agents in virtual reality.
2004Philippe EHRHART
Online and intelligent bets for the Chess world championship 2005.
2004Nicolas FROEHLY
Realtime project on cinema screens for an international chess championship.

Guest Professors and Students

I have invited the following colleagues as guest professor or visiting student.

Guest Professors

Apr 2017-Mai 2017Ansar-Ul-Haque YASAR
Joint Research Programs on Mobility and Transport, and Large-scale agent-based modeling and simulation for transport and mobility.

Guest PhD Students

Apr 2014Omar ABED
Freight Model with SARL and Janus.
Jan 2014-Feb 2014Iftikhar HUSSAIN
Agent-based model for the negociation and simulation of carpooling with the Janus platform.
Jan 2014Luk KNAPEN
Agent-based model for the negociation and simulation of carpooling with the Janus platform.
May 2013Luk KNAPEN
Agent-based model for carpooling with the Janus platform.

Teaching Activities since 2002

Current Activities

Module Name Level
EMI-16 Multiagent systems Master Introduction to NetLogoPDF(en)
FSEG-SFAX 2016-2017 Multiagent systems Master
Multiagent SystemsPDF(en)(fr) LW1PDF(en) LW2PDF(en)
GL52 Software Engineering Engineer
IMR2 TAID Multiagent platforms and Agent-Based Simulation Master
IA54 Multiagent systems and distributed problem solving Engineer
Chapters 3 & 11: Multiagent Platforms, Multiagent SimulationPDF(en)
MA76 Virtual Life Simulation - Agent and Serious Game Approaches Doctorat
UHASSELT-ITS-16 Agent-based Systems for Intelligent Transport Systems Master
UHASSELT-PHD-16 Agent-Based Modeling and Agent-Oriented Programming with the Sarl Language Doctorat
4 seminarsPDF(en)
VI50 Vision and Virtual Reality Engineer
IA51 Artificial Intelligence for Serious Games Engineer

Former Activities

Module Name Level
AHPM UE1 Multiagent platforms and Agent-Based Simulation Master
GL40 Graphical User Interfaces Bachelor
Introduction to Swing and MVCPDF(fr)
IN55 Image Generation Engineer
LO01 Algorithmic and Programmation - Level 1 Bachelor
LO02 Algorithmic and Programmation - Level 2 Bachelor
Chapters 4 to 8PDF(fr)
LO21 Algorithmic - Level 2 Preparatory class
LO22 Introduction to Linux and C Preparatory class
Chapter: C LanguagePDF(fr)
LO41 Operating Systems Bachelor
LO43 Object-Oriented Programmation Bachelor
Introduction to Swing and MVCPDF(fr)
LO46 Compilation and Language Theory Bachelor
All chaptersPDF(en)
Source: on BitBucket
LO51 Operating System Administation Engineer
TICOR CC03 Agent Middleware and Technologies: application on networks Master
VI51 v1 Virtual Life Simulation Engineer
VI51 v2 Artificial Intelligence for Games and Serious Games Engineer


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