Nicolas GAUD

Associate Professor

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Short Bio

Dr. Nicolas GAUD received his PHD in Computer Science from the University of Technology of Belfort-Montébliard (UTBM) in 2007. In 2005, he received his engineering degree in computer science from the UTBM and a MSc in Computer Science, Automatic and Manufacturing Systems from the Univeristy of France-Comté (UFC). He is now Associate Professor at the UTBM and full researcher at the Systems and Transport Laboratory of the research institute on Transport, Energy, and Society (IRTES-SeT), he is also an external member of the GITIA.

His main research interests deal with the modeling, analysis and simulation of complex systems using Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE), Holonic Multiagent Systems and Multiagent-based simulation. He is also involved in various industrial projects dealing with the simulation of virtual entities (pedestrian, transportation systems, etc) in virtual environments.

Research Interests

  • Multiagent Systems
  • Multiagent-based Simulation
  • Agent-oriented methodologies and processes
  • Holonic systems
  • Virtual life simulation
  • 3D and Virtual reality
  • Multilevel simulation
  • Urban simulation (Pedestrian simulation, Building validation, Decision-helping tools...)
  • Transportation System simulation
  • Land-Use and Transport integrated models (LUTI)

Current Projects

SARL and Janus v2.0

SARL is a general-purpose agent-oriented language. SARL aims at providing the fundamental abstractions for dealing with concurrency, distribution, interaction, decentralization, reactivity, autonomy and dynamic reconfiguration. These high-level features are now considered as the major requirements for an easy and practical implementation of modern complex software applications. We are convinced that the agent-oriented paradigm holds the keys to effectively meet this challenge.

Considering the variety of existing approaches and meta-models in the field of agent-oriented engineering and more generally multi-agent systems, our approach remains as generic as possible and highly extensible to easily integrate new concepts and features. The language is platform- and architecture-independent.

However, we provide a first set of tools to support its execution based on the new version 2.0 of the Janus Platform, but it can be linked with other existing agent platforms and frameworks.


  • ASPECS: Agent-Oriented Software Process for Engineering Complex Systems
  • The Janus multiagent platform
  • FIPA-DPDF-WG: FIPA Standardization activity on methodologies: Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation Working Group.
  • Voxelia

Student Supervisions

PhD Thesis

2016-2019Thomas PIOTROWSKI
Model-driven multiagent approach for the simulation in mixed reality universe. Application to prototyping and validation of embedded algorithms in ground vehicles..
PhD Thesis, Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard.
September 2013-August 2016Cedric BOITTIN
ANR CITiES : Calibration and valIdation of Transport – land-usE modelS.
PhD Thesis, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET).
2011-2014Thomas Durif
Study and modeling of automatic mechanisms for rules and profile enrichment by behavior and context learning. Application to the development of mobile agents in a 3D environment.
PhD Thesis, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET), Laboratoire Electronique, Informatique et Image (University of Bourgogne, France).
2010-2013Yishuai LIN
An organizational ontology for multiagent-based Enterprise process modeling and automation - Application to SCRUM.
PhD Thesis, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET).
2009-2012Seyed Naser RAZAVI
Multiagent models and architectures for multi-level and multi-scale simulation.
PhD Thesis, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET), Soft COmputing and Multi Agent System Laboratory (Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran).

Visiting PhD

October 2014-December 2014Pedro Bernabe Araujo
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Application to the creation of a CASE tool.
Visiting PhD Student, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET), Grupo de Investigación en Tecnologías Informáticas Avanzadas (GITIA) at the Tucumán Regional of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (FRT-UTN, Tucumán, Argentina).
September 2013-February 2014Flavio Montoro
Holonic multiagent models for AGV dispatching.
Visiting PhD Student, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET), Laboratório de Pesquisa e Inovação em Tecnologias e Estratégias de Automação ([ TEAR], Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Paulo, Brasil).

Master of Research

March 2013-August 2013Cedric BOITTIN
ANR CITiES : Calibration and valIdation of Transport – land-usE modelS.
Master Research, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET).
  • Nicolas GAUD (IRTES-SeT UTBM)
February 2012-July 2012Jérémie Bourseau
Sociologically inspired model for the simulation of group behavior in urban environment.
Master Research, Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports (IRTES-SET).
  • Nicolas GAUD (IRTES-SeT UTBM)

Current Teaching Activities

  • LO27 - Algorithmics and C programming Language (second-year students, undergraduates)
  • IA54 - Multiagent systems and distributed problem solving (Master level, graduates)
  • GL52 - Software Engineering (Master level, graduates)



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