Fabrice LAURI

Associate Professor

Phone: +33 (0) 384 583 837

Fax: +33 (0) 384 583 342

Email: fabrice.lauri[at]utbm.fr

FOAF: Lauri_fabrice

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Short Bio

Lauri Fabrice, 41 years old, received his PhD thesis in Computer Science from the "Université de Nancy 2" in 2004. He has been an Associate Professor at the "Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard" (UTBM) since September 2006. He leads his research at the "Institut de Recherche sur les Transports, l’Énergie, et la Société" (IRTES-SeT) in Belfort, France.

His research focus on solving optimization problems in Multi-Agent Systems, that is systems involving several autonomous entities. Metaheuristics inspired from nature, like ant colony algorithms or evolutionary algorithms, and machine learning algorithms, especially those from Reinforcement Learning, are part of his favorite techniques for solving such problems.

Research Interest

  • Sequential Decision Problems
  • Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems
  • Numerical and Combinatorial Optimization
  • Machine Learning (Reinforcement Learning in particular)
  • Metaheuristics

Significant Projects

  • [Ipseity]: a C++ open-source platform for facilitating the synthesis and validation of artificial cognitive systems in multi-agent environments. It includes various techniques from Reinforcement Learning for solving sequential decision problems in discrete or continuous space. For more details: http://www.ipseity-project.com.
  • MAPP: C++ Framework for solving the multi-agent patrolling problem (MAPP).

Student Supervisions

PhD Thesis

2014-2017Jin Wei
Modeling and Coordination of Interconnected Microgrids using Artificial Intelligence Approaches.
2014-2017Abdelkhalek Mansouri
Conception parallèle de métaheuristiques basées sur la recherche locale et distribuée -- Applications à des problèmes de perception.
2012-2015Jiawei Zhu
Modelling and Optimizing Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Smart Homes.
2010-2013Gillian Basso
Intelligent Energy Management System.
2007-2013Elie Tagne-Futé
Une approche de patrouille multi-agent pour la détection d’événements.

Master Research

February 2012-July 2012Jiawei Zhu
A Reinforcement Learning Technique for Managing Power Flows in Smart MicroGrids.

Teaching Activities

  • For PhD students:
 - MLTA "Machine Learning: Theory and Algorithms"
  • For graduate students:
 - IA41 "Artificial Intelligence : key concepts and dedicated languages"
 - IN55 "Image Synthesis"
 - IA54 "Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Problem Solving"
 - VI51 "Virtual Life Simulation"
 - MT42 "Fondements théoriques de l'informatique"
 - Master AHPM, "Learning Algorithms"


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  • Adaptation MLLR pour des HMMs
    Fabrice LAURI, Irina ILLINA, and Dominique FOHR.
    In Proc. of Quatrièmes Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en Parole, pp. 90-93, 2001.

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