PhD Theses of the Multiagent Group

This page contains the ongoing and the defended PhD theses of the Multiagent Group.

PhD thesis subjects are provided on the page of the job vacancies.

Ongoing PhD Theses

2016-2019Thomas PIOTROWSKI
Model-driven multiagent approach for the simulation in mixed reality universe. Application to prototyping and validation of embedded algorithms in ground vehicles..
2016-2019Zhao HUI
Large-scale Activity-based and Agent-based Co-simulation of Traffic.
2016-2019Samar EL-AMINE
Behavioral Challenges for Planning Sustainable Urban Mobility in Qatar - Agent-based Modeling and Comparative Analysis between Qatar and France.
2016-2019Mariem FEKIH
Comprendre la ville comme un système complexe - Understood the City as a Complex System.
2015-2018Igor TCHAPPI HAMAN
Multiresolution, Multilevel and Agent-based Modeling of a Large-Scale Traffic.
2015-2018Olivier LAMOTTE
Modeling Approach and 3D World Generation Tools for the Simulation of Land Transport System.
2013-2016Jiawei ZHU
Improving User Comfort in Smart Buildings by using Multi-Agent Systems.
September 2013-August 2016Cedric BOITTIN
ANR CITiES : Calibration and valIdation of Transport – land-usE modelS.

Defended PhD Theses

2010-2014Jocelyn BUISSON
Microscopic simulation model of heterogenous entities and of the 3D urban environment.
2011-2014Thomas Durif
Study and modeling of automatic enrichment mechanisms of rules and profiles using behavior and context-based learning.
2010-2013Gillian BASSO
Agent based approach for engineering and control of microgrids.
2010-2013Madeleine EL ZAHER
Reactive multi-agent system for Autonomous navigation.
2010-2013Yishuai LIN
A Multi-Agent System based upon an Organizational Ontology for Managing Knowledge in Enterprise Social Networks.
2009-2012Jonathan DEMANGE
Environmental model for multilevel simulation of complex systems: application to urban simulation with virtual reality.
2004-2007Nicolas GAUD
Holonic Multi-Agent Systems: From the analysis to the implementation. Metamodel, Methodology and Multilevel simulation.
2008-2012Seyed Naser RAZAVI
Multiagent models and architectures for multi-level and multi-scale simulation.
2002-2005Sebastian Rodriguez
From analysis to design of holonic multi-agent systems: A framework, methodological guidelines and applications.
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