Toward an Environment for the Simulation of Heterogeneous Entities in Virtual Cities

This page contains the additional videos related to the paper published in E4MAS-2014.



Simulation of the Parade Place at Belfort

From Simulation to Reality: the Parade Place at Belfort

Simulation of the Rabin Place at Belfort


Voxelia S.A.S (fr)
Belfort, France

Voxelia S.A.S is a spinoff of the multiagent group of the IRTES-SET Laboratory. Voxelia S.A.S is specialist in 3D real time to design and simulate solutions in the field of infrastructure management, urban planning, prototyping, and transport. Voxelia S.A.S has two main missions:

  • Make available 3D technologies for small- and middle-size societies, and public institutions by providing software components and services tailored to their needs.
  • Provide tools and services to managers of infrastructure and transport operators to facilitate the management and prevention of risks in everyday life.
Voxelia S.A.S is owning the JaSIM models and platforms, which was designed by the IRTES-SET members.
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