Janus Multiagent Platform

The janus project corresponds to a global effort to provide a whole methodology and its supporting set of tools for the analysis, design and implementation of complex applications in terms of holonic multiagent systems. The goal of our approach is to provide a complete step-by-step guide from requirements to code. Janus is one these tools.

Janus is a multiagent platform that was specifically designed to deal with the implementation and deployment of holonic and multiagent systems. It is written in Java 1.5 and based on the CRIO organizational metamodel. Its key focus is that it supports the implementation of the concepts of role and organisation as first-class entities.

Janus provides a comprehensive set of features to develop, run, display and monitor multiagent-based applications.

The platform also natively manages the concept of recursive agents (holon or agents composed of agents) to facilitate the deployment of holonic multiagent systems and thus contributes to fill the gap between conception and implementation phases in this domain.

Janus is jointly developed by the multiagent teams of the Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports and the Grupo de Investigación en Tecnologías Informáticas Avanzadas de Tucumán.

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More informations

To obtain more informations about Janus, please contact:

  • Nicolas GAUD
    Email: nicolas.gaud[at]utbm.fr
    Janus Co-founder and Developer
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