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Environment Model for Multiagent-Based Simulation of 3D Urban Systems

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In Proc. of the 7th European Workshop on Multiagent Systems (EUMAS09), Ayia Napa, Cyprus, Paper 36, 2009.
This paper presents the JaSIM environment model. It gathers experiences collected on design of the environment - as a first-class entity - coming from both multiagent and computer graphics domains. Its main goal consists in providing a sets of models and tools to easily implement crowd and traffic MABS. JaSIM integrates efficient hierarchical and graph-based data structures for supporting 1D to 3D actions and perceptions of numerous agents. It provides geometrical, topological and semantical data about environmental objects to agents. This paper discusses the overall architecture and 3D modules of JaSIM environment model, and illustrates platform performances on two experiments.
Environment Model, Multiagent-based simulation, Urban Simulation, 3D Environment, Bounding Volume Hierarchy
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International conference with proceedings
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