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Modélisation Multi-Agent Des Opérations Semi-Autonomes Dans Un Système Cyber-Physique De Forage Pétrolier Ou Gazier

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In Proc. of Journées Francophones sur les Systèmes Multiagents (JFSMA19), pp. 126-135, PFIA-19, Toulouse, France, Association Française d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2019.
In Oil&Gas drilling operations and after reaching deep drilled depths, high temperature increases significantly enough to damage the down-hole drilling tools, and the existing mitigation process is insufficient. In this paper, we propose a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) where agents are used to represent the collaborating entities in Oil&Gas fields both up-hole and down- hole. With the proposed CPS, down-hole tools respond to high temperature autonomously with a decentralized collective voting based on the tools' internal decision model while waiting for the cooling performed up-hole by the field engineer. This decision model, driven by the tools' specifications, aims to withstand high temperature. The proposed CPS is implemented using a multiagent simulation environment, and the results show that it mitigates high temperature properly with both the voting and the cooling mechanisms.
cyber-physical systems, multiagentsystems, oil and gas drilling operations
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