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Towards Explainability for a Civilian UAV Fleet Management Using an Agent-Based Approach

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In Proc. of 1st Workshop on Explainable AI in Automated Driving: a User-Centered Interaction Approach in conjunction with AutomotiveUI'19, pp. 1-7, Utrecht, Netherland, 2019.
This paper presents an initial design concept and specification of a civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) management simulation system that focuses on explainability for the human-in-the- loop control of semi-autonomous UAVs. The goal of the system is to facilitate the operator intervention in critical scenarios (e.g. avoid safety issues or financial risks). Explainability is supported via user-friendly abstractions on Belief-Desire-Intention agents. To evaluate the effectiveness of the system, a human-computer interaction study is proposed.
Intelligent Transport Systems, Explainability, Multiagent Systems
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International conference without proceedings
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