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Knowledge and Distributed Artificial Intelligence for Smart and Cyber-Physical Systems

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Shanghai University, sep 2019.
CIAD is a research laboratory created in January 2019 that is focusing his research tasks on the distributed artificial intelligence (also known as multi-agent system), models and tools for perception of the environment for artificial intelligence usage (image and video analysis, multi-sensor approaches, etc.), and the modeling and the use of knowledge (ontology, etc.). The laboratory focuses particularly its research applications on smart systems from intelligent transport systems to smart grids. In this talk, I will briefly present the CIAD laboratory and the topics and fields that are covered by the members of the lab. Then, I will present the major achievements on several topics : autonomous car, automatic generation of 3D environments, video analysis, activity planning, interactive systems, simulated train, and smart city simulation. For each of these topics, a typical example will be shown and explained. Finally, the talk will be concluded by a detailed presentation of the agent-based drone simulator that is design in the lab. Based on the SARL agent programming language and the AirSim framework, the drone simulator enables researchers and engineers to test the flying behaviors of there drones. With AirSim, the physic behaviors are simulated. With SARL, the cooperative behaviors are simulated. The SARL language will be the key subject of the second seminar.
CIAD, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, smart Systems
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