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Infrastructure Design with Multiagent Systems and Virtual Reality - Application to the PSA Site

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In Proc. of the 7th International Generative Art Conference (GA-04), Milano, Italy, 2004.
This document presents the works carried out to ensure the immersion of a multiagent system in a virtual environment. The researches undertaken within the framework of this work have been allowed the development of tools dedicated to the simulation and th study of factory area, which are generally in perpetual evolution. This set of tools makes it possible to study various flows circulating on these sites and to highlight the problems which it generate. They offer solutions to refit an existing site in an optimal way or for a preliminary study to the establishment of new infrastructures. These tools provide a study of flows as well as a validation of dimensioning and accessibility of the various industrial infrastructures, this as well under normal conditions of operation as under particular conditions such as the rush hours or the situation of panic (fire, accident. . . ). Simulation offers also the advantage of being able to integrate into the models, and to evaluate the impact and the perspicacity of future evolutions of the infrastructures. After a short presentation of the theoritical subjacent models, this paper focus on the first application of these works on the study of the industrial site of PSA Sochaux, one the major french automobile manufacturer.
Virtual Reality, Multiagent Systems, Design, Automotive Manufacturer
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International conference with proceedings
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