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Visual Perception for Virtual Agents - Environment Model and Perception’s Architecture for Multi-Agent Based Simulation in Virtual Environments: Application to a Pedestrian Simulation

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In Proc. of Virtual Reality for Industrial Applications Workshop (VIA-04), Compiègne, France, 2004.
This document presents a environment model for a multiagent system in Virtual Environment. This environment was originally designed to provide a fast visual perception for each agent of the simulation. Our objective was to develop a specific synthetic vision system for autonomous agent in virtual reality. After a short review of the state of art, we focus on some aspect of synthetic vision and virtual environment modeling. Then we present our model and some experimental results obtained on a simple application of crowd simulation. This environment is similar to an interface between a virtual reality platform and a classical multiagent-based simulation platform.
Multiagent Systems, Virtual Reality, Visual Perception, Environment Model
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International conference with proceedings
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