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Virtual Reality Within a Human-Centered Design Methodology

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In Proc. of the 10th international workshop CONFERE (Collège d’Etudes et de Recherches en Design et Conception de Produits) sur l’Innovation et la Conception, pp. 55-64, Belfort-France, 2003.
The domain of virtual reality is advancing rapidly and holds great promise for design and visualization. Computer-aided design (CAD) and the increasingly widespread use of numerical models in an industrial context are encouraging the development of new tools dedicated to virtual reality. More particularly, a number of software packages appearing on the market in recent years show significant potential for product development processes. This article presents how these CAD products are being integrated into our ergonomic methodology relative to new product design. The objective is to help those involved in this kind of project to make design choices during the decision-making processes that respect the needs of the future users. The innovative character of our human-centered des ign methodology, which integrates virtual reality, lies in its contribution to improving the development process of new products. The innovative aspect of our human- centered design methodology, which integrates virtual reality, is its contribution to the improvement of the development process of new products.
product design, human-centered design, ergonomics, simulation, virtual reality
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