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Multi-Agent Based Simulations Using Fast Multipole Method: Application to Large Scale Simulations of Flocking Dynamical Systems

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In Artificial Intelligence Review, vol. 35(1), pp. 53-72, 2011.
ISSN 02692821
DOI: 10.1007/s10462-010-9183-9.
This article introduces a novel approach to increase the performances of multi-agent based simulations. We focus on a particular kind of multi-agent based simulation where a collection of interacting autonomous situated entities evolve in a situated environment. Our approach combines the fast multipole method coming from computational physics with agent-based microscopic simulations. The aim is to speed up the execution of a multi-agent based simulation while controlling the precision of the associated approximation. This approach may be considered as the first step of a larger effort aiming at designing a generic kernel to support efficient large-scale multi-agent based simulations. This approach is illustrated in this paper by the simulation of large scale flocking dynamical systems.
multi-agent based simulations, fast multipole method, microscopic simulations, large scale flocking dynamical systems
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International journal with reading committee
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