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An Organisational Approach to Engineer Emergence Within Holarchies

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In International Journal of Agent Oriented Software Engineering, vol. 4(3), pp. 304-329, 2010.
An open issue in self-organization is how to engineer emergent behaviors. This issue is also of interest for engineering holonic multi-agent systems as any level of a holarchy is dependant of the emergent behaviors of its sub-levels. In order to tackle this specific feature of holonic multi-agent systems, the capacity concept which abstracts a know-how from its concrete realization is introduced. The use of this concept is illustrated in this paper through a case study using the aspecs development process which enables the analysis, design, implementation and deployment of holonic multi-agent systems and integrates the capacity as a core concept of it's underlying metamodel, called CRIO (i.e Capacity-Role-Interaction-Organisation).
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Emergence, Holonic Systems
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International journal with reading committee
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