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An Approach for Building Holonic Organizational Models of Design Processes for Knowledge Management

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In Proc. of International Workshop on Organizational Modeling, 2009.
To survive in an increasingly competitive business environment, manufacturing enterprises are under unprecedented pressure to become leaner and more agile. Product leadership companies must continue to enter new market with innovative products. This requires optimising process and methodologies used by engineering departments. The design process has to be rationalized in capitalizing knowledge, know-how and technological patrimony. A solution in order to capitalize knowledge is to model the design process used and use this model as a context of reference. A first experiment was done to model a real enterprise design process. The model issued from this work was the result of the immersion in the enterprise and of the observation of professional workers. This empiric approach is error prone, time consuming and not easily repeatable. In this paper an approach based on goal oriented analysis is proposed in order to build such organizational models of design processes. These models ease the capitalization and reuse of knowledge. Indeed, the knowledge is capitalized according to a context defined by the design process model. Specifically the use of holons allows to define several levels of abstractions and to take into account knowledge at different levels of granularity.
Organizational model, Holon, Knowledge Management, Methodology
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International conference with proceedings
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