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Intelligent Energy Management System

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In Proc. of Proceedings of the IEEE indin conference, 2009.
Energy management is nowadays a subject of great importance and complexity. It consists in choosing among a set of sources able to produce energy that will give energy to a set of loads by minimising losses and costs. The sources and loads are heterogeneous, distributed and the reaction of the system, the choice of sources, must be done in real-time to avoid power outage. The goal of this paper is to present a system able to self- regulate a heterogeneous set of power sources and loads organised as a coherent group of entities that is called micro- grid, in order to optimize several criteria such as: cost and efficiency. This system is based upon the Multi-Agent Systems paradigm. Each micro-grid entity is modelled as an autonomous agent able to interact and with it owns decision making mechanism. It takes into account the characteristics of the source or load types it belongs to and self-organizes with other agents in order to globally optimize the given criteria.
MAS, Energy management
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