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Holonic Multilevel Simulation of Complex Systems: Application to Real-Time Pedestrians Simulation in Virtual Urban Environment

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In Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, vol. 16(10), pp. 1659-1676, 2008.
DOI: 10.1016/j.simpat.2008.08.015.
Simulation, which creates abstractions of the system is an appropriate approach for studying complex systems that are inaccessible through direct observation and measurement. The problem with simulation of great numbers of interacting entities is that it is difficult to create a reliable and tractable abstraction of the real system. Indeed, simulating large numbers of entities requires great computing resources. A solution to avoid this problem is to use macroscopic models. However, this type of model may be unavailable or not reliable for the problem at hand and it does not allow the observation of individual behaviours. In this paper, a multilevel simulation model is proposed to allow the use of both microscopic and macroscopic techniques. This model is based upon Holonic Multi-Agent Systems which offer a promising approach for developing applications in complex domains characterised by a hierarchical structure. The proposed approach provides a generic scheduling model for multilevel simulations: dynamically adapting the level of simulated behaviours while being as faithful as possible to the simulated model. It does not only manage the level of entities’ behaviour but also of behaviours classically assigned to the environmental part of a simulation. A set of physics-based indicators is also introduced to dynamically determine the most suitable level for each entity and to maintain the best trade-off between simulation accuracy and constraints (dependent on the model or the experimental context).
Multi-agent based simulation; Multilevel modeling; Holonic multi-agent systems; Holonic multi-agent multilevel simulation
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International journal with reading committee
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