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A Metamodel and Implementation Platform for Holonic Multi-Agent Systems

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In Proc. of the Fifth European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems(EUMAS’07), Hammameth (Tunisia), 2007.
Holonic multiagent systems offers a promising software engi- neering approach for developping applications in complex domains. How- ever the process of building MASs and HMASs is radically different from the process of building more traditional software systems and so intro- duces new design and development issues. Against this background, this paper introduces organization- oriented abstractions for agent-oriented software engineering. We propose a complete organizational meta-model as the basis of a future complete methodological process from require- ments to code. Besides to deal with this last aspect, we introduce our platform, called Janus, that was specifically designed to implement and deploy holonic multi-agent systems.
Agent Oriented Software Engineering, Holonic Modeling, Methodology, Holonic multiagent systems
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International conference with proceedings
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