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A Multi-Agent System Featuring Virtual Character in Play for Theatre

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In Proc. of proceedings of the AgentDay conference, 2002.
Encounters of human art and technologies are rare. We present in this paper the architecture of a Multi-Agent System which has been used for a theatre play called "Orgia". This play was written by Pasolini and adapted by Wild using virtual characters and real human actors. The system we have realized is based upon a scenic interaction between real actors and virtual characters. These virtual characters are designed in order to imitate real life beings one can encounter in the deepest ocean abysses. The behaviour of the virtual characters is the result of computation of the agents of the deepest abysses. In order to give the illusion of actors in the virtual environment all agents have some information about the real actors. These information are given by biological sensors. Each virtual character has a 3D graphical representation displayed in the scenic space.
Multi-Agent Systems, virtual character
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International conference with proceedings
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