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Holonic Modelling of Environments for Situated Multi-Agent Systems

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In Proc. of Second International Workshop Environments for Multi-Agent Systems, E4MAS 2005, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3830 Springer 2006, 2005.
ISBN 3-540-32614-6.
In an Agent Based Simulation (ABS) special attention must go to the analysis, modeling and implementation of the environment. Indeed, the environment of an ABS simulates a real environment. Environments for simulation of real world problems may be complex. In order to produce a scalable and reliable simulator we must carefully model this environment to be both efficient and realist. We propose the use of an holonic perspective to represent the environment and the agents. In our approach agents and environment are repesented by holons. The environment defines an holarchy in which agents will evolve following their needs. This holarchy constitute the context for the agents. The difference between environemental holons and agents holon is that the environemental holarchy is predefined and, at least in its organisational structure and laws.
holonic modelling, MAS environment, simulation
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International conference with proceedings
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