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Knowledge-Based Assistant for the Selection of Edge Detectors

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In Journal Pattern Recognition, vol. 31(5), pp. 587–596, 1998.
This paper summarizes a system, called SED “Selection of Edge Detectors”, which is able to automatically select edge detectors and their scales to extract a given edge. The basic organization of the SED system is a collection of edge detectors within a knowledge structure made up of the characteristics of the given edge, the properties of the detectors and the mutual relation between them. Combination of this information in the selection process provides a basis for avoiding a combinatorial search for appropriate edge detectors. The version of the system described here has been fully implemented and is now being enriched to integrate a maximum of edge detector algorithms. We illustrate our approach by an example.
Edge detection; Selection of edge detectors; Rule-based system ----------------------------------------
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International journal with reading committee
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