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Application of Reactive Multi-Agent System to Vehicle Collision Avoidance

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In Proc. of The 20th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence ICTAI, Dayton, Ohio, USA, pp. 197-204, IEEE Computer Society, 2008.
Vehicle collision avoidance is a promising safety approach to new transportation systems, with innovative capabilities, such as obstacle detection, vehicle collision avoidance control strategy and adaptability to different obstacles. This paper presents a Reactive Multi-agent solution to the vehicle collision avoidance control problem with a linear configuration. In our case, vehicle collision avoidance is designed as a reactive multi-agent system in which agents interact with other agents and the obstacles situated in the environment by using physics inspired behaviors. Collision avoidance stability emerges as a global result of the individual interacted agents. Vehicle avoidance control strategy stems from calculating the trajectories of the vehicle based on the decision process of the reactive multi-agent system. Furthermore, the adaptation to different kind of obstacles is made by tuning model’s physical parameters. In order to assert the transition from abstract to concrete, simulations experiments have been implemented and simulations results are analyzed.
Reactive Multiagent Systems, Obstacle avoidance
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