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A MAS-Based Simulator for the Prototyping of Smart Grids

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In Proc. of 9th European Workshop on Multiagent Systems (EUMAS11), 2011.
Energy management is, nowadays, a subject of uttermost importance. Indeed, we are facing several problems like petroleum reserve depletion or earth global warming. Smart Grids, a new type of electrical grid which try to intelligently manage its components, are a possible answer to these issues. Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) are a good candidate for modelling and managing Smart Grids. In this context, one of the main issue is to design adapted MAS architectures that take into account the hardware infrastructure of the electrical grid. In order to ease the elaboration of the testing and validation phases of specific MAS architectures for Smart Grid management, we advocate the use of a reliable MAS-based simulator. The simulator proposed in this paper is analysed and designed according to a MAS methodological process, namely aspecs. This simulator is planned to be implemented and used as a prototyping tool for managing Smart Grids without deploying real devices.
Multi-Agent Based Simulation, Organisational methodology, Smart Grids
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International conference with proceedings
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