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The Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks by Holonic Multi-Agent Approach

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In International Journal of Computing and ICT Research, vol. 3(1), pp. 32-41, 2009.
ISSN 1818-1139.
A wireless sensor network will collaborate for a common application such as environmental monitoring. One fundamental issue in sensor networks is the coverage problem. We present in this article a Holonic Multi-agent approach that solves the coverage problem when using wireless sensor networks. Complex systems are characterized by large number of entities in interaction, exhibiting emergent behaviors. The holons in holonic multi-agent systems are not required to coordinate the work of a physical resource, but instead may coordinate the work of several information agents that only exist virtually. A super-holon is, internally, a community of holons that cooperate to achieve a commonly agreed objective or task. On the other hand, Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), stand out as a paradigm for the design of Complex Systems.
coverage problem, Holonic organization, Holonic multi-agent systems, sensors network
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International journal with reading committee
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