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Mapping the Semantic Web to Sql Query to Extract Knowledge

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In Journal of E-Technology, vol. 3(2), pp. 69-86, DLINE, 2012.
ISSN 0976-3503.
. Among the goals of Knowledge Management (KM) we can cite the identification and capitalization of the know-how of companies in order to organize and disseminate them. KM is recognized as a non-trivial task. In the context of extended enterprises it is even more difficult because they are geographically distributed and use heterogeneous information systems. Indeed, information, from which knowledge is de-rived from, is stored in different databases, distributed in different sites across the entire network of the extended enterprise. This paper proposes a semi-automatic approach for knowledge extraction from several databases. This knowledge will be stored in an organizational memory (OM). The approach is based upon the definition of ontologies for knowledge exchange and Model Driven Engineering concepts such as meta-models and transformation to process requests
Ontology, Semantic Web Service, Knowledge Management, Model Driven Engineering, Interoperability, Mapping
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International journal with reading committee
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