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Comparaison De SMLLR Et De SMAP Pour Une Adaptation Au Locuteur En Utilisant Des Modèles Acoustiques Markoviens

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In Proc. of XXIVèmes Journées d’Etude sur la Parole, pp. 289-292, 2002.
In this paper, two adaptation schemes are presented : SMAP and SMLLR. Both methods update the parameters of the acoustic models of a speaker-independant system in order to improve its performances for a new speaker. We experimented SMAPand SMLLRto HMMs of the ESPERE engine in the batch mode and in the unsupervised incremental mode. The HMMs were learned on the Resource Management (RM) corpus. Results of the batch adaptation show a greatest efficiency of SMAP. For the unsupervised incremental adaptation, SMLLR is more powerful than SMAP, according to the incremental scheme we choose.
Adaptation au locuteur.
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