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A Multiagent Model for Pem-Fuel Cell Microscopic Simulation

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In Proc. of 12th European Control Conference (ECC13), Zurich, Switzerland, 2013.
Since several years, multi-agent systems have been used for wide range of application areas and particularly in systems modelling and simulation. Those systems are based on the interaction of several individual components, called agents, which are proactive considering interaction with neighbours and with the surrounding environment. The IRTES-SeT laboratory develops a PEM-Fuel Cell model for detailed layer level simulation based on multi-agent paradigm. Whatever the level of abstraction considered, modelling the electrochemical process requires at least: an electrochemical model, a fluidic model, and a thermal model. These elements are integrated into our simulation model at the microscopic level. The goal of this paper is to present a multi-physical micro-level PEM-Fuel Cell model by using a multi-agent approach.
multi-agents model, PEM fuel cell
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