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Ipseity: an Open-Source Platform for Synthesizing and Validating Artificial Cognitive Systems in Mas

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In Proc. of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS), 2014.
This article presents an overview of Ipseity, an open-source platform developed in C++ with the Qt framework. The current version of the platform includes a set of plugins im-plementing single- agent and multi-agent environments, hard-coded controllers based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech-niques, classical Reinforcement Learning (RL) techniques like Q-Learning, Sarsa, Epsilon-Greedy combined with some linear function approximators, as well as a Machine Learn-ing (ML) technique for Apprenticeship Learning (AL). Its architecture allows users to execute standard AI approaches as well as model-based, model-free, offline, online, standard and approximated RL algorithms. Ipseity is targeted at a broad range of users interested in AI in general, including industrial practitioners, as well as ML researchers, students and teachers. It is regularly used as a course support in Artificial Intelligence and it has been used successfully to manage power flows in simulated microgrids using multi-agent reinforcement learning.
Multi-agent system, software platform, open-source, cognitive systems, artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning.
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