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Toward an Environment for the Simulation of Heterogeneous Entities in Virtual Cities

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In Proc. of International Workshop on Environments for Multiagent Systems (E4MAS14), IFAAMAS, Paris, France, Springer, 2014.
The study of the individual mobility phenomena is significant in the fields of the development of urban sites, the study of security, the architecture, and the flow analysis. Whatever the studied environment, indoor or outdoor, the multi- agent approach is a highly suitable tool to study the dynamics of displacement. This paper presents an environment model, which is dedicated to the simulation in 2D or 3D virtual environments. It is primarily designed for the simulation of crowds and traffic. The model combines the agent-oriented approach with algorithms used in the fields of virtual reality simulation and video games. Our model is designed to provide the mechanisms of realistic perceptions and actions to agents. It is a software framework that provides a collection of tools to ease the implementation, and make faster the simulation of heterogeneous entities (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers...) in a virtual world.
Virtual environment, multi-agent simulation, heterogenous entities
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International conference with proceedings
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