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Organizational and Agent-Based Automated Negotiation Model for Carpooling

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  • Iftikhar HUSSAIN
  • Luk KNAPEN
  • Stéphane GALLAND
  • Ansar-Ul-Haque YASAR
  • Geert WETS
In Proc. of First International Workshop on Information Fusion for Smart Mobility Solutions (IFSMS14), Halifax, Canada, Procedia Computer Science, 2014.
This paper presents an organizational and agent- based model for commuting by candidate carpoolers using a simple negotiation mechanism aimed at finding an acceptable agreement between agents to carpool. Through negotiation, agents (individuals) can reach complex agreements in an iterative way which meet the criteria for successful negotiation. The result of the negotiation depends on “negotiation mechanism” used to match and on the behavior of the agents involved in the negotiation process. Initially, the agents involved in exploration process, search for their partners via some kind of Agent Communication Language (ACL); after finding potential partners, they start a negotiation to find matched partner to carpool. After having found a good match the agents can carpool for a specified time period. The agents join the carpool group when the negotiation is successful and leave the carpool group when the agreed time period is expired. Agents can be part of several carpool groups sequentially. In this simulation we consider home-to work / work-to home trips only. An automated negotiation model is implemented and validated through simulation. The Janus multi- agent platform is used.
Negotiation, carpooling, negotiation model, agent- based social simulation, Agent technology, Organizational model, Janus platform.
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International conference with proceedings
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