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Making Decision with Reactive Multi-Agent Systems: a Possible Alternative to Regular Decision Processes for Platoon Control Issue

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In Research in Computing Science, vol. 10(3), Selected paper from the MICAI International Conference, 2014.
ISSN 1870-4069.
Decision processing is a key element in computer science, inautomatic control and in robotics. The literature presents a lot of variousapproaches for decision processing. These approaches generally dependon both the adopted conceptual point of view and of the application feld. Some of the classical methods suffers from several problems suchas a limited adaptivity, or a high computational cost. In this context,reactive multi-agent systems can be good candidates to overcome some ofthese drawbacks. The goal of this paper is to present how to use reactivemulti-agent systems to make decision, what are their advantages andtheir drawbacks as compared to classical methods. It also illustrates theproposal with an example of application dealing with the platoon controlissue
decision making, multi-agent systems, Autonomous vehicle
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International journal with reading committee
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