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Holonic Multi-Agent Systems

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Chapter in Self-organizing Software: From Natural to Artificial Adaptation, (first edition), Self-Organising Software From Natural to Artificial Adaptation - Natural Computing series, chapter 11, pp. 238-263, Springer, 2011.
ISBN 978-3642173479
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17348-6_11.
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) stand out as a paradigm for the design of Complex Systems. Its elementary constituents are called ’agents’, i.e. software entities which exhibit autonomous and flexible behaviours. However, most widely used models still consider agents as atomic entities. This may be a problem for MAS dedicated to the study, simulation of complex systems which frequently exhibit hierarchical structures. Indeed, almost all the proposals for agent architectures have not addressed the general problem of how to treat collections of
Holonic Multi-Agent Systems
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