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A New Perspective on Multi-Agent Environment with SARL

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In Proc. of International Workshop on Communication for Humans, Agents, Robots, Machines and Sensors, pp. 526-531, Procedia Computer Science, Belfort, France, Elsevier, Best Paper Award, 2015.
ISSN 1877-0509
DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2015.07.246.
The environment is now considered as a first class abstraction in multiagent systems. However, the boundary between real and simulated environment and the application logic is not so well defined. Depending on applications, the environment as a space shared between agents may integrate physical, communication or social dimensions where agents interact. In this paper, authors introduce a new view for structuring the notion of environment in a multiagent systems using the fundamental concepts provided by the SARL programming language.
Multiagent systems, Environment, Interaction, Programming language
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International conference with proceedings
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