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Multi-Agent System for Intelligent Scrum Project Management

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In Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, vol. 22(3), pp. 281-296, IOS Press, 2015.
DOI: 10.3233/ICA-150491.
In the 21st century, enterprises face an increasingly competitive market place. In this context, the success of enterprises depends critically on the quality and efficiency of their product business processes. These processes generally aim to sell products or services. The approach presented in this paper aims at the assistance of teams following these processes. The underlying idea is to help team members in their daily tasks in order to be more efficient according to a specific process. The two main components of the approach are: an ontology for business processes modeling and a Multi-Agent System for providing intelligent assistance to the human workers. The Scrum software development process illustrates this approach. Scrum is an agile software-development process widely used in software companies. This paper introduces a specific intelligent assistance software that aims to assist Scrum project teams in their implementation of the Scrum process. This tool aims primarily at helping Scrum Masters to take decisions by monitoring Scrum project teams' activities with their various projects and collecting knowledge about these activities. The proposed Scrum tool is a web-based system, which uses Multi-Agent System and the conceptualization of the Scrum process with a specific ontology.
Multi-agent system, Scrum, Ontology, business process
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International journal with reading committee
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