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V2x for Vehicle Speed Synchronisation at Intersections

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In Proc. of 22 nd ITS World Congress, ITSWC 15, Bordeaux, 2015.
The cooperative intersection management assumes that vehicles wirelessly negotiate the right of way before crossing the intersection. However, this novel approach for managing the intersections raises the feasibility issue because it depends on the reliability of the wireless communication and on the accuracy of the positioning system. In this paper, we consider the speed synchronization at intersection. In other words, vehicles (OBUs) receive a “kind” of speed indication from the intersection manager (RSU), in order to traverse safely the intersection. This paper focuses on the loss of messages. It gives more details about a robust centralized protocol, called transparent intersection management (TIM) in which two problems are considered. The first one is the delay of receiving the obstacles considered by the vehicles. The second one is the inconsistency of the presence list.
Intersection management, Cooperative Speed control, V2X communication
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International conference with proceedings
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